Self Love IC Needles Set

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Self care is so important and for many of us, knitting is a form of self care! This beautiful and colourful set is designed like a storybook - and you will find heart melting stories in every chapter!

The first chapter in this set is all about the knitting needles. These simple tools are essential for creating more than knitted projects, but knitted stories. These stories are full of warmth, love, of friendship, and comfort.

The second chapter has all the supporting characters for completing your story. The cables, end caps, tightening keys and the cable connectors. These tools may not be the main event but they keep the story (and your knitting) moving smoothly from point to point and stitch to stich. These knitting accessories are enclosed safely in a luxuriously plush suede pouch. 

Carrying on with the book theme, the Self Love set contains a crocheted bookmark and a journal. This journal is your completely free and creative space where you can record your dreams, inspiration, project ideas - and anything and everything else!


  • Interchangeable Needles in the Following Sizes: US 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 & 11 
  • Matte Black Connectors.
  • 4 Memory-Free, Stainless-Steel Cables in 60cm, 80cm (2 nos.) & 100cm
  • 4 End Caps
  • 4 Ellen Keys
  • 1 Set of Cable Connectors
  • 1 Crocheted Bookmark
  • 1 Knitting Journal
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